by Fakiezero

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Trying out some poetry-type stuff. I like the freedom in writing and delivering.


Feeling like my brain’s got AIDS, thoughts decomposing at a very young age
I’m working everyday unmotivated for minimum wage
Won’t hold my tongue back now as I spit the truth from a degenerate veteran’s point of view
Get used to it, 'cause I’m here to stay
I would lend you an umbrella on the rainiest of days
Let’s talk misconceptions, people will automatically assume
That being a rapper means I want the fame, the quick path to living wealthy
And having my name being ventilated through the common household
Nah, see, a rapper, noun, is just someone who raps
But I do way much more than just that
I stand here and I want more, I entered the game to take part in the art-form
To grow, progress, nurture and speak truths when the heart’s torn
To instill inspiration to the younger generations
To rock the crowd or just cypher with the homies
And well…yeah I guess to become a bit known and make a little bit of money, so sue me
Circulate and circumnavigate, an underground emcee will still want recognition regardless
I’m not pushing drugs but I still push product
Just don’t get it misconstrued, I just want to feed my kid
I want her to grow up being able to afford things I couldn’t and do the things I never did
So I’m out here with these overhead light bulbs, correcting my typos
Donating blood to these island bars 'cause I’m Type O, negative
But that doesn’t even begin affect a fraction of my actions
I hold the grip steady till the microphone bleed
I’m a bad MF, microphone fiend
If this thing offends you then you aren’t a part of the dream
Just go about your day and scroll through your little screens

Inziro Clan


released December 7, 2016
Vocals: Fakiezero
Mixed by: Akame Records



all rights reserved


Fakiezero Saipan, CNMI

Saipan, CNMI
Akame Records

Fakiezero is an independent, island grown emcee hailing from the island of Saipan in the CNMI.

He rides only the behemoths of .wavs, armed with only his swords.
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